Sunday, May 16, 2010

Making YUM with leftovers...

Wild Salmon, shrimp and scallops...on the grill last night, topped onto organic greens, some chopped tomato and the food of the gods -  
A V A C A D O!
It is definitely not just for guacamole.

Lunch today with leftovers from that plethora of grilled seafood last night became quesadillas. Also had a few black beans to put on them as well.

Brush a little olive oil on a whole wheat organic tortilla.
Spread some cream cheese, farmer's cheese, goat cheese on the other side.
Throw it on the griddle!

Add your leftover seafood, some black beans and a little salsa.
Fold over your tortilla, make sure everything is heated through.
Cut in half and devour!

Seriously some good stuff...

Gypsy Mama is hitting the road again starting tomorrow. Look for some new blog posts on Farmer's Markets, organic farms, local food, traveling and more!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea to use all of your seafood and put it in a quesadilla! It sounds delicious and we will definitely have to try that sometime with our left over salmon!

    Thanks and look forward to reading more!