Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reflections on 2009

As  I was laying in bed this morning on the 2nd morning of 2010 my mind began to wander through the last year. Although I am not one to live in the past the manifestation of our dream of being a family on the road came to fruition in 2009 and the adventures that we had were amazing, beautiful and full of joy and wonder.
I loved Dawna Markova's book,  "I Will Not Die An Unlived Life" and I can say with certainty that in 2009 I did my share of really living. So I have composed the following list of experiences that we had in 2009...

Watched the fireworks over the Gulf of Mexico
Learned everything I need to know about the natural sea sponge
Paddled in a canoe in the Marshes of Glynn
Rode bicycles all day
Reread "To Kill A Mockingbird" with my kids (outloud and with a southern accent)
Saw an art exhibit inspired by the the book mentioned above
Found the Hostel in the Forest
Cooked Chipati's over an open fire
Participated in a Shabbat Friday evening meal
Ate fresh shrimp & crabs
Saw a red headed woodpecker
Picked up litter just to be nice
Learned how to face paint
Was courted then rejected by a reality TV show
Volunteered to paint faces at the Boys & Girls Club
Road a public bus
Watch the 2nd largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the country (Savannah, GA)
Rode in a bicycle taxi
Saw the fountains in Savannah, GA with green water
Fed a semi-wild bunny out of my hand
Drank mojitos on the beach
Danced on a sandbar at sunset
Built many sandcastles
Walked on the beach in the moonlight
Fell in love with a sea turtle named Joey
Volunteered at the humane society
Cooked breakfast on the beach & watched the sunrise
Saw the sunrise and sunset all in the same day
Volunteered on an organic farm
Discovered Athens, GA
Got pulled over by a state trooper & only got a warning (later found out he was wrong)
Met up with a group of old friends and camped for a weekend
Watched our children play and form friendships
Laughed a lot
Drank too much
Sold a business
Went to a hula hoop workshop
Bought a hula hoop
Discovered CSAs & locally grown sustainable agriculture
Fell asleep to the sounds of frogs, crickets and foxes
Taught workshops to kids on composting, sprouting, tea and gardening
Attended Food For Life @ Sequatchie Valley Institute
Learned from Sandor Katz about tempeh, kombucha, sauerkraut & beet kvass
Hooked an RV trailer up to a truck with  just me and a kid
Celebrated my nephews 5th birthday
Got to drive a convertible BMW for a night
Attended a hip sushi restaurant opening in Midtown Atlanta with 5 kids and FREE sushi
Watched a pod of dolphins frolick upclose & personal for 3 hours while paddling in our canoe
Watched two sea turtles get released back into the ocean
Volunteered to face paint for the GA Sea Turtle Center
Cooked dinner at sunset right on the beach
Enjoyed being with good friends and their kids at the beach
Visited one of the oldest art museums in the country
Made art
Made love
Saw living history
Had a tea party
Watched my daughter dance in the rain
Built a fairy village
Learned how to really bake bread
Watched the star Sirius rise just before the sunrise on the beach
Had an amazing 42nd Birthday
Visited my sister
Danced with my son to Gumbo Boogie
Explored St. Augustine
Lost one of our kitty cats
Watched someone die
Saw a fox
Attended a Thresheree
Cleansed the currency
Prayed for peace
Participated in a Sweat Lodge (3x)
Tailgated with friends for a TN Volunteers Game
Went to a Greek Festival
Walked on the Natchez Trace
Met Joel Salatin
Visited "The Farm" in Summertown, TN
Shopped at Farmer's Markets
Supported LOCAL restaurants and businesses
Watched an old friend perform in TWO theatrical productions
Went to a public school's fall carnival
Cooked food I never cooked before
Watched my high school alma mater play football as the away team
Had fun with friends
Recycled almost everything
Went to the top of the Arch in St. Louis
Ate Kansas City, MO BBQ
Visited a living history museum for the Old West
Saw the documentary film, "Enlighted Up" with my son
Visited the original "Little House on the Prairie" site
Watched my daughter get her ears pierced
Took the kids to Nashville, TN Parthenon and had them teach me about classic mythology
Read many, many, many books
Read the entire "A Course in Miracles" text
Saw the film, "Food Inc."
Heard cookbook author, Mark Bittman speak
Helped build a haunted house in my friend's kitchen
Celebrated Halloween with a dear friend & her family
Celebrated my husband's birthday with wings, beer and football
Helped out on another local organic farm
Saw two shooting stars
Saw a bald eagle
Purchased two new tires
Baked organic cookies with a 97 yr. old taste tester
Discovered Booya Cacao
Saw live music
Stood atop Lookout Mountain
Helped others
Healed relationships
Enjoyed the artwork of amazing artists
Reconnected with old friends and made many, many new ones
Felt gratitude and appreciation
Experienced the immense hospitality of incredible friends and family
Fell in love with my husband over and over again
Allowed my children to learn anything and everything
Drank lots of really good coffee
Cooked incredible meals
Celebrated the change of seasons
Loved myself and others
Became forgiving and accepting
Gave birth to another dream
Visited 11 different states
let go of things that no longer served me

I am sure there are things that I have left out but all in all I believe that 2009 was one of my best years yet. I know that 2010 has much to offer as well. Stay tuned!!


  1. Wow. Just WOW. In one year, you have done more than many folks do in a lifetime.

    I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy 2010!!

  2. Thanks for posting this. A great way to think about your last year. You've inspired me.

  3. WOW WOW WOW- Can't wait to get on the road next year with the kids and husband. I can't wait to put together a list like this too!!!!