Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Creative Journaling...Everyone gets an A!!

Having a positive impact on my children is probably one of my deepest desires other than that attempting to change the world in some other small way is also on my list. I wish to be a splinter in the wood bridging heaven and earth.

Working through the little people in my life has been a blessing on some days and a curse on others. As a roadschooling/unschooling Mom, our life is the lesson plan, the curriculm. Everywhere we go there is something new to learn, a new discovery and a lesson. Some kids have the luxury of only having to learn at school-mine on the other hand are required to be present 24/7!

I discovered SARK the other day on-line through Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Life website... I am always inspired by anyone who let's go of fear and truly lives authentically. So while perusing Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy's (hence the name SARK) planet SARK website. I once again became inspired. The kids and I have attempted journaling several times and we stick with it for a few days or weeks, sometimes even for a month or so. I love writing and of course I want the kids to be inspired to write too. Write about anything poems, letters, stories, feelings, dreams, whatever. My kids are pretty creative (imagine that!) they fill notebooks with drawings, maps, imaginary menus, words, etc. but all on their own time and with out any type of regiment. So after discovering SARK and her amazing "juicy journaling" ideas we piled in the truck and found an art store where we all purchased some blank sketch books. Last night we decoupaged the covers. I went to bed leaving two of the kids up still creating. My daughter shared with me her first entry upon waking this morning. She has given me permission to post it here on my blog.
Here goes:

Dreaming is a good thing.
You can see the positive side of yourself and look on the bright side of things.
You can be whatever.
You can do whatever even go where ever.
copyright 2010 Bailey Baehr

Of course it was written is swirly pink and green lettering. With designs in different colors at the bottom of the page. I was pretty blown away to say the least! She asked me why I copyrighted her name at the bottom of the text and I told her that she has some amazing talent and we might want to go ahead and proctect her work now!

So here we are with the beautiful books full of blank pages for us to write, to dream, to drawn, to scribble in whenever and where ever we want. Kinda like life I'd say, a blank book...we don't have to write on the lines in boring pencil or ball point pen. We can use colorful markers, thick & thin. We can paint broad strokes  or skinny ones. We can make your words with curly Q's or swirlies. We can write in our books with clarity and perfect cursive writing or we can develop our own style of print. We can draw pictures in the margins. We can make up our own rules on how to create our lives and we can give ourselves an A or even an A+++++ !!

Give yourself an A+ today. You get to decide what excellent is...even if it's in a failure. Be you. Get your own blank book and fill the pages with whatever you want. After all it's your story, you get to make it up as you go.

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  1. My sister has been a huge SARK fan forever and ever. I enjoy her as well. Great assignment! ;)