Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Traveling and Gypsying like Crazy!'s been a hectic few weeks since Thanksgiving and beyond. We have been on the road to Georgia to visit friends and family. My best friend since we were like eleven years old had a baby in October and I visited her and my kids got to see their cousins. Then back to middle TN and we traveled to Wichita, KS for Thanksgiving for my husband's work. Then back to southeastern TN for more work then we popped up to our old hometown for a visit in the TN valley and now back in southeastern TN again!
It can be difficult to eat locally and organically when we travel without the RV but we manage pretty well...we are always sharing the slow food movement with our friends, old and new and family members. It's hard with my oldest son because he's pretty stringent on his organic food standards. It's hard for Grandma to make what she considers comfort food for the grandkidlets and for him to refuse to eat it. He showed the film, Food Inc. to his grandparents but I don't think they got it. I realize that we are only one family just trying to do our best and do our part in the whole scheme of things. Plow on! Plow on!

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