Monday, June 7, 2010

Churn Babies Churn!

The kids and I just returned from a weekend at the beautiful Sequatchie Valley Institute where I taught several workshops for kids at their 12th annual Food for Life gathering. Anyone who reads my blog musings knows my stance on the sacredness of good, SLOW food. And esssentially that is what the Food for Life gathering is all about.

My first workshop was about making bread and BUTTER! Glorious homemade creamy, to die for butter. So I enlisted the help of my students ranging in age from around 3 to 11 or so to churn the cream into yellowy deliciousness. Half of the butter I left sweet and creamy and the other half we salted. Six pints of cream made 2 pounds of butter and of course some dreamy buttermilk left over. I didn't clabber the cream so the buttermilk was not tart or sour just sort of buttery.

I wish everyone could experience the level of community and sharing and food that we were a part of this past weekend. Perhaps someday we all will.


  1. Hi there Gypsy Mama Manna, your butter looks very delicious. We make our own cultured butter, creme fraiche, yogurt, our children enjoy buttermilk waffles. We've just bought an "airstream" so are heading out on our first 3 month adventure with our children. I'm an old backpacker so this will be luxury travelling for me.

  2. I saw your blog on FOTR and I was wondering how you roadschool. We are homeschoolers, and took off for an extended road trip and likely will be roadschooling. Did you have a school you report to back where you used to live? or are there any roadschool organizations?
    Any comments would be great.
    jackbnimble {at} mycheckedinlife [dot] com