Thursday, October 15, 2009

Believing in... well, wellness

We are healthy people. We eat good organic food, we wash our hands with plain old soap while we sing the abc's. We get lots of fresh air and spend our thoughts on positive outcomes, ideas and notions. Every once in a while a germ might come along. I've always been respectful of germs, knowing that we need the good ones and sometimes the bad ones to help our beautifully designed systems work the way they are suppose to. Suffice it to say, my kids have eaten their share of dirt. Out of 3 kids only one of them has ever been on an antibiotic. So, when my son mentioned to me the other day that he had not been feeling well, scratchy throat, bit of a cough. I immediately got right on it.

First of all, I ran over to Food for Thought a great organic food/wellness store in Wichita, KS where we are at the moment. As I perused the shelves for some holistic aids for this healing. I picked up a children's liquid echinacea blend, some organic lozenges with zinc, some 1,000 mg vitamin C/B complex powders, some organic throat coat tea. He wasn't running any temperature so I have felt confident that it's just a little seasonal something. I read all of the recommended dosages and make sure he's resting (he's the fiestiest one of the three so having him rest is a chore) and drinking tons of liquids! We haven't been told this over and over for no's true. I have always been a big believer that at the first signs of feeling out of sorts that rest and liquids are the best thing you can do. It seems that so many folks keep pushing themselves until their body just makes them stop. We have been given this internal guidance system for a reason and I believe it is wise to listen to it and heed it's message.

That being said, he is already feeling better. Since we live in such close quarters, everyone is taking a little extra vitamin C and some echinacea. I have been making some good comfort food and we're all resting and listening to our bodies. The mantra..."my body is strong and healthy" is also running around in my head just to tell any of those little germies that I am in a different vibration not willing to allow them to interfere in my process. 

Since we don't watch television or subscribe to any mainstream media we have been concious about not allowing the fear of certain germs out there flying around to lower our resistance or our vibrations for that matter. I have my opinions about innoculations and for now I will keep them to myself~although I do recommend doing a bit of research on the subject.

If you do find yourself allowing this kind of energy into your world...
while you are physically feeling horrible or nuturing someone else who is feeling that way, consider why you might have attracted the experience. If it's one of your children, notice if it's been a long time since you really spent some nuturing time with them, are mom and dad busy all the time, are hugs and attention time shortened due to school starting back, earlier bedtimes, fall sports and such? If it's you that is not feeling well, ask yourself when was the last time you did absolutely nothing, when you layed in bed and slept for 3 days, when was the last time that you spent time just on you? If it's your spouse or partner who is under the weather, wonder when was the last time that they felt really nutured by you, when was the last time you waited on them hand and foot? Or, maybe it is you needing attention from them? It seems kind of silly that it takes something like sickness for our love and compassion to come through for others in our life but think about it...with the busy-ness and doing-ness that we all seem to be focused on all the time...perhaps it is just what the doctor ordered.

I know that our bodies and spirits work together to present to us with opportunities to grow, learn and discover. How often do we push ourselves with obligations, appointments, jobs, activities? Sometimes it seems our internal guidance systems are at work together to get our attention...whether we like it or not.

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