Friday, April 9, 2010

Co-Creating Can Be Work

I was inspired by my son's quote..."Anything can happen,but first, you must take the steps to achieve the goal.Without doing anything, A dream cannot become reality." He's eleven this son of mine. Perhaps you have wondered why the Gypsy Mama has not been blogging lately? Probably not, but just in case you have I will fill  you in on my activities.

Several months ago a dear friend of mine mentioned a place. A lovely place, with rolling hills and meadows and 100 year old buildings. A place that is empty and lonely and even a bit sad. So we began to envision this place full of love and light. Full of peaceful people working and living together co-creating for the highest good. Living sustainably, growing food, living spiritually and helping others to learn to live this way too.

Then we began to share our vision. And it began to expand beyond our talking and dreaming. It is becoming concrete and real. Full of things to do, plans to write, things to research, meetings to have, powerpoints to develop. Whoa! this co-creating stuff can be work. I am really good at the dreaming part but when it comes to the doing....well, I can be good at that part too. Mainly, the doing part has to do with being inspired, being authentic and feeling on purpose.

So lately, I have been doing. Although I often tell myself that I am a be is important. Be with the moment, be with the seasons, be with my husband and children (that's why I love gypsying so much!)
And in this very moment, I am procrastinating on the doing. Even though the illusion of time is ticking away towards this time and place where all of this doing will need to be done. I suppose it doesn't hurt to allow myself a bit of indulgence of just being here now with my blog and you.

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